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What's all this about then?
Well, I've got loads of home automation, and I love it! Purely for the fun of it, I decided to automate the locking and unlocking of my side gate.

....A little bit about this site

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I hope you like the site and enjoy reading about my little project.
The site is deliberately quite simple in its design, I think this makes it clean and easy to read. I try where possible to avoid using any nasties like popups etc..
I didn't use anything other than good old notepad to design this site, dreamweaver is great - but you don't need it...


I've already got an always on home automation server, an always on internet connection and several serial to relay devices which control my various systems around the house.
The idea here is simple, use my existing infrastructure to control a magnetic door release catch on my side gate.
The full plan is a simple web page + CGI which can be accessed on my iPhone (or other device with a browser)
Then just type in a secret PIN code, that will trigger the CGI code, write out a file on the webserver, which my home automation system will pick up, then parse and if all is well then switch on a relay which is connected to the door release catch.

Here are some extracts/snippets of the code I've written and used, you are more than welcome to use any of it.

Main Home Automation Code
Keypad HTML
Keypad CGI
Some Middleware module for controlling lights


If you enjoyed reading about my project, and would like to leave a comment, please do!
I will post any interesting ones below.

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Ross, Winnersh
What you've done is marvelous, well done!
Posted: 19:37 23/12/2007

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